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Image processing and photo recovery in AKVIS for Windows and Mac.n Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors.
Photoshop – color correction, color corrector, retouching, Photoshop how to prepare photos for printing, photo enlarger, now for mobile devices, photo correction and restoration
Restoring damaged photo images
Photo 2. Image recovery (left, top photo) on a computer. Colors restored, objects in the background are visible. On the right, at the bottom of the photo (in the direction of travel), you can see that the background is overexposed, and the objects – the image is partially unreadable, it is hard to see, and the background is not contrasting, not perceived by the image.
Restored images, for viewing and comparison on our website. Photo 1 (between numbers 2 and 3) – restored. Photo 2 – restored, but with a shift.
How to connect the built-in graphic editor to the computer (Paint.n)
Photo 1. An error occurs when trying to connect to the Paint.N program
on the screen appeared the inscription: Your machine is not suitable for this program. You cannot use Windows.nk (You cannot run PaintCU
Photoshops creator how to create a photo
Travel blog how to save information
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