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A Level Statistics Crawshaw And Chambers Pdf Download [2021]

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A Level Statistics Crawshaw And Chambers Pdf Download


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Contents: Introduction. 1. Classification of tools 2. Classification of knowledge. Task and procedure 3. The process of solving the problem. Scheme of the algorithm 4. Cuvettes and their properties 5. Criteria for checking the results of solving problems 6. Errors in finding a solution 7. Methods for optimizing problem solving. 8. Forecasting and planning. Problems of planning problem solving, their types 9. Planning. Basic concepts. 10. Planned results. Evaluation of the quality of work. 11. Performance evaluation. Types and types of tasks for children. 12. Comprehensive testing. Types of tasks 13. Methods for assessing the skills and abilities of students. 14. Evaluation of students during practical classes. Preparation for passing the test. 15. Methodological Errors